I paint in a realistic style. However, the subjects I paint are not necessarily real. For the most part they are composite images of my imagination. Initially, I devise them in Adobe Photoshop. Taken usually from a number of different photos. Though not real, I still want the subject to breathe and have an emotional life. It's lots of fun and I'm very serious about having fun.


My medium of choice is watercolor. I find it to be a true partner. It's a medium that forces me to be painterly. I’ve discovered when I accept its influence, some very wonderful things can happen. It has taught me control is not always a good thing. Like life, I have learned to accept what it will give me and move on. My paintings may at times look photorealistic, but on inspection, they will remind you that they are paintings. Realistic and painterly. Tight and loose. It's the combination that I am looking for.


I hope my work connects with the viewer. Hopefully, they get it. It's about having fun. Maybe, just maybe, my work will change (just a little bit) the way they view things.

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