Al Vesselli
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I believe that every painting has a rhythm. A certain beat or a particular harmony. It's evident to me that there is a connection between the visual and the musical. Color is loud, soft or somewhere in between. A painting or drawing needs a harmonious sequence or correlation of colors or elements that play to a compatible tempo.. For me, music and painting share many of the same intrinsic qualities.


Light is the ring leader of my orchestrated, colorful, detailed still-life paintings. I am fascinated by how light is reflected and refracted by glass, creating beautiful, rhythmic, abstract shapes that can "dance" across a surface. My paintings are about the way light changes everything it touches. How it has the ability to illuminate the ordinary and make it visually wicked.


I will paint anything that visually excites me. My subject matter can vary from flowers in a old mason jar to vintage automobiles and motorcycles. Favorite childhood toys can also show up on occasion.



“ Light is the "ring leader" of my orchestrated, colorful, detailed still-life paintings. Al Vesselli