Al Vesselli • Watercolors
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Al Vesselli paints with watercolors in a photorealistic style that belies the medium. Watercolor has a reputation for being very difficult to control.

It would seem logical not to be a realist’s first choice for a painting medium. And yet, his works of art are meticulously painted with extraordinary detail.


His paintings have garnered many awards and have appeared in numerous group shows. He recently had a painting juried into the prestigious American Watercolor Society's 2021 International Competition. He is a signature member of The Watercolor U.S.A Honor Society and The New Jersey Watercolor Society.


Before turning to his first love of painting, Mr. Vesselli was a Graphic Designer/Art Director for a number of diverse employers. For twenty five years, he worked for companies in the toy industry, real estate, and finally in the field of pharmaceuticals. Where he created award-winning designs and presentations for some of today’s most famous over-the-counter

pharmaceutical products, Advil®, Centrum®, Robitussen®, and Centrum Silver®.