Al Vesselli • Watercolors
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Al has been drawing and painting since Eisenhower was in the White House and Jawbreakers and Hostess CupCakes were his sweets of choice. Today, he still has the same passion for making art and he still loves Hostess CupCakes.


Al was born at an early age in Jersey City, New Jersey. He was definitely a "city kid". He and his older brother and cousins played stoop ball, stick ball, and on hot summer days they cooled off under an open fire hydrant. Until the age of seven, Al was certain everyone in the whole, wide world was Italian.


Around this time his family moved to the suburbs of New Jersey.

It was not the easiest of transitions. The schools were different. The kids were different. They spoke funny! They said "oil". He said "earl". He was sure they pronounced it wrong. He also became aware of the fact: everyone was not Italian!


However, before long those kids became his life long friends. Jersey City, soon became a place where his grandmother lived. His family would pile into their 1957 Blue Plymouth and visit her almost every Sunday.


Al's childhood heroes were Willie Mays and Binney & Smith. Now, he knew Willie played center field for the San Francisco Giants and could hit & catch a baseball like no one else. However, he had no idea if Binney & Smith were men or women. He only cared they were responsible for his beloved Crayola Crayons box of sixty four.


For thirty years, Al was an award-winning Graphic Designer/Art Director for a number of diverse employers. He worked for companies in the toy industry, real estate, and in the field of pharmaceuticals. He created award-winning designs and presentations for some of today’s most famous over-the-counter pharmaceutical products.

Al has been drawing and painting since Eisenhower was in the White House.